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Wierd Itchy Bumps / Markings

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I attended a outdoor party two weeks ago at a friends garden. There was a fire going and I sampled fresh lettuce he was growing. The next day I noticed these bumps on my torso. They are close to my last rib on the left side of my body. At first I thought they were just bug bites and would go away. But they have not changed much in two weeks and I'm starting to wonder.

I take zyrtec almost everyday for allergies. I've taken benadryl on a few nights because of the itching. I've also used hydrocortisone cream on them most days although the bumps/marketings have not changed. When I itch them they get irritated with redness around them.

Any idea on what it could be, what I should do?

Thank you.
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First Helper justjf

replied June 26th, 2009
Don't even waste your time driving yourself crazy as I'm going through something similar. I suggest go to a dr. and get referral for derma asap. It could be poison ivy-is it spreading yet?
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replied May 30th, 2011
DID YOU ever find out what your issue was? I ended up having what I was told "hives" from a pharmacist b/c on 1side of my body, but my doc told me "bed bug bites!" He had a mutual patient of whom I knew and spent time at his house. He asked had I been at his house lately?tht was his way of telling me where i got them, I saw red i was so upset tht he KNEW he had them and invited me over anyway for dinner. I did not bring them home, but it is an epidemic and has nothing to do w/hygeine or how clean ur house is. I hope this helps and hope that wasn't ur issue. How are you?
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