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Widening scapholunate interval

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When having an ultrasound/x-ray for trigger thumb they discovered an abnormal widening scapholunate interval, exacerbated on ulnar deviation of the wrist - interval widens to 4.5mm.

I’m over 60, have never had any major trauma to the wrist (never broken, never sprained) and have never/not currently experiencing any problems with the wrist. When probing around the scapholunate area there is no tenderness or soreness.

Q1. If not injury what is the cause? Could I have injured the ligament sometime in the past with knowing it?

Q2. Is there any need to have an orthopedic specialist (at a cost to me of well over a hundred dollars) investigate further? If I do nothing will the wrist simply drop off and fall to the floor one day?? Rolling Eyes

Thanks for your input.

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