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Why orgasm makes one sleepy ?

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Hi. I want to know why does orgasm (by mestrubation or inercourse ir by any means) makes the person fall asleep. Is it common with all indivisuals? or only with some? It does happen with me..after i mestrubate i get sound sleep and so its become a way its become a solution for my insomnia.
Also why do people feel like Peeing followed by orgasm?(for me even if i just get aroused i start feeling so)
Can someone please explain
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replied June 18th, 2009
People feel sleepy after orgasm for several reasons.
- Your breathing goes from rapid, shallow pants to slow, deep breaths.
- The physical release is very relaxing. There are all kinds of hormones released during orgasm. Seratonin is one of these and gives a person a 'high.'
- Sex happens most often at night, when your body is winding down anyway.
- Sex usually occurs on a bed so you are lying down when it is over. It's only natural to feel more sleepy and relaxed on a bed.
As for the urge to urinate:
The contractions and spasms you have during arousal and orgasm press against the bladder, causing the urge to urinate.
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replied June 19th, 2009
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......And try to see what happens!
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