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Why isn't sex enjoyable???

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I feel that I am a very sexual person and, to be honest, think about it and want it all the time. However, sex is not really enjoyable for me even though I desperately want it to be. I started having sex with an ex-boyfriend at 15 and we dated for 2 years. Sometimes it felt good but I've never orgasmed during sex or even oral or manual with a partner. I am 21 now and have had sex with 3 people total. Even though I have a strong sex drive, I never enjoy it like I think I'm going to. Having sex is irritating and makes me feel uncomfortable, like I have to pee or something. I have absolutely no problem orgasming through masturbation. In fact, it's crazy how many I can have by myself. I really want to enjoy it but I don't know how! Help!
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replied June 9th, 2011
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You may just have to lend yourself a helping hand during sex. It is likely that your clitoris does not get as much stimulation as when you masturbate. So while he is inside you, you or him can rub your clitoris. This is a common thing and it is just the way your genitals are and the mechanics of sex between you.

If you get on top, you can control the angle, depth and tempo. Grind down and make sure your clitoris gets stimulated. Remember that you can grind forwards and backwards, side to side and around. Sex does not have to be just the in and out motion.

You also have to help and tell him what you need during intercourse. He does not have a vagina and clitoris. For him a rub here and a rub there and he orgasm. As you know and have to show and tell him, it is much more complex for you. You also have to extend the penis in vagina time. Do not stop too soon. Research have shown that extending this time, rather than longer foreplay will get you off.
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