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Why is my immune system weak? Staph and skin fungus

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I eat right, exercise and have good hygiene, but I'm continuously getting staph infections and now I have skin fungus on my fingers. My Dr. has tested me for diabetes and the tests came out normal. I have had two abnormal pap smears and am scheduled for another one in a month. All four of my biological grandparents have died of cancer. I am only 26 and feel healthy. If anyone could help I'd appreciate your input. Thanks.
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replied August 20th, 2011
Extremely eHealthy
hi Lynsey6; since no one answered u; I thought I would give it a try;
1st go to vitamin store; buy ultra high culture count Pro-biotic and take 200 billion cultures daily x 2 wks
then 100 x 2 wks, 50, and stop at and stay at 25 billion daily.
. . 2nd, look up and learn about Kifer, if u have a Whole Foods Store in your area most sell starter grains, buy some, grow some, consume daily and BTW there r people claiming cancer remission from Kifer.
NOT THAT IS what u do this for but because the POORER your health, the more u must do to maintain good health
. . good luck
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replied September 29th, 2011
Solution to Chronic Skin Fungus Ringworm and Staff Infections
I would absolutely concur with the probiotic solution for the fungus and possibly even the staff. You are likely to have an internal imbalance. I have some suggestions, but go to a naturopath, NOT an MD if you can't fix this problem yourself. They may make some other recommendations for you. But that staff is serious so ask a naturopath about oxygen therapy where they mix & cleanse your blood with oxygen while it's outside your body and then it goes back in all clean and oxygenated... this is amazing! This is without a doubt the best thing you can do for staff, well at least for me it was. (I had staff problem myself & the oxygen worked GREAT!)

I also had a terrible time with my son having athletes foot, ringworm on his arms and eczema. I put that Lotrimin stuff on it, the otc athletes foot spray for months and it had NO affect. Finally, someone suggested a probiotic, apple cider vinegar and tea tree oil and a vitamin c rinse. You can consume the apple cider vinegar AND apply it to the fungal areas... tea tree oil goes right on the fungal area, it's very drying and you can mix it with a little coconut oil or olive oil. I've found some people who swear by the apple cider vinegar and think that it works better than the tea tree oil.

All I can say is once I gave my son the probiotic and started on the vinegar and vitamin c rinse, within days, he cleared up! After months of MD recommendations and pharmaceutical products. Nothing against them, but this is the type of problem they can't fix.

May you be well!
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