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Why is my Gout so unpredictable

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Hi everyone,
I recently moved to Holland for work and started having Gout attacks. Prior to moving here I had never had an attack. I am 33 yrs old and have always been pretty consistent on my lifestyle. I have always since I was 14 been into working out and sports and throughout college the same.
-The attacks just started recently but they are so inconsistent. I just cannot figure it out. There are weeks when I will drink a bottle of scotch after work (small glass a night, at times more) and then go out with friends and have 10 or more drinks and nothing happens. Then there are time when for no reason a beer or two will cause a flare up. I pretty much can stop an attack in it's tracks with a combo of ACV/baking soda/sour cherry juice. This combo will for sure knock the symptoms from 10 days to a little over 24 hrs.(for me atleast)

-the question is why is it so unpredictable? When I read the forum and hear people talk about there gout it seems like they cannot even eat things that they want, me on the other hand have never had an attack on any day other than a sunday. (obviously alcohol induced after friday and saturday night)

-the other main thing that I would like to have an opinion on is this, for many yrs I played football and competed in all natural bodybuilding. I am 6ft-220lbs. I am not chunky per say I have always maintained a realatively healthy and active lifestyle (other than the partying) and over the past yr have really decided that I would prefer to be less muscular per say and just a leaner slimmer version of myself. In doing this I have totally altered my training style from heavy intense weight training to more cardio and lighter weights. I have dropped about 25 lbs in the past yr and I would say that a good portion of that is muscle that I have intentionally wanted to reduce.

-do any of you think or suppose that my gout is transient in the sense that sense that I have self induced muscle wasting/reduction so my purine levels are high? could this stabalize once I get down to a desired size and stop losing muscle mass? I think it makes sense but who knows. Any opinions? Thanks
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replied March 24th, 2011
Hi slatt34, there are so many factors that could be responsible for your attacks. This can include your move to Holland, stress, the climate change and even losing weight a little to fast to your body's liking. Whisky is definately the better option but beer is a BIG no-no for gout. It is a notorious trigger and can cause you a lot of discomfort. Gout also loves old injuries and you being soccer player and body builder probably point to having injuries some time or another. Think back and see if you can find a link to any of the factors that I mentioned. Gout is very person specific so the triggers vary's considerably. Let me know what you think.Good luck!
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