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Why is my clitoris sore and im peeing painful red odorless urine

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So I visit the doctor. The reason why I visited her is because I was extremely dry around my vaginal area and bc I had sex which caused a soreness due to my dryness & I didn't use lubrication.
She examin my down there and said you have a lot of discharge. I told her my clitoris is very sensitive bc I'm dry and my discharge is clear and does not smell.
She gave me a shot of medicine on my butt check(not even telling what it was or if I was allergic). And she made me take a pregnancy test even when I said my period always land on the end of the month and ends the beginning of next month. I had to take a 150 test to check for std(which i could of gone to the health clinic do it for 20 bucks).
She the gave me a prescription for azithromycin and metronidazol.

Before the docotor visit, I had a discharge that is clear and did not smell. My clitoris is highly sensitive and it's dry around ( I thought it became dry because i use antibacterial soap to wash my body). I had sex two days before my visit to the doctor and now I'm sore and hurts when I pee.

After my doctor visit, I start to pee a lot then usual but a tiny amount, it was very painful and the color was reddish orange. Is it because of that shot she gave me on my butt check?

Why am I peeing painful red urine? My is my clitoris hurting more after my docotor visit?
What was that shot she gave me in my butt cheek?

Someone please help me before I go to another expensive doctor visit and Learn nothing about what they did to me.
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replied November 27th, 2011
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If they do not tell you, ask!

No idea what the shot was. The antibiotics were most likely for chlamydia and vaginal infection. Did you get the results from the STD screening?

It sounds like you got an UTI which is causing your issues when peeing. It is possible that this is also making your clitoris more sensitive. Does your urine have a strong smell? Drink enough water and cranberry juice to relieve the symptoms. Antibiotics are however used to treat an UTI.

Are you having safe sex? Protecting yourself from STDs?

Best of luck!
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