i have sex with my bf on 14feb2012 and take ipill on same day,my last perioDs was on 18 to 22 feb2012,i think my next periods will come in near about 20march2012 bt periods not come,i have tested pregnancy two times times with home pregnancy test bt it was negative and there are no pregnancy symptoms,,,,,am i pregnant and why is date not coming ??????
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replied April 1st, 2012
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I don't think it is unusual to have scary things like this happen in the lives of women. I remember many such times with various girlfriends where we worried unnecessarily.

Whatever the cause of a missing bleed, and there can be many, from dieting through stress to illness to name only a few, worrying about it is not going to help, especially when you can get checked out by a medic easily enough!

Why not pop round to the doctors and see the practice nurse. She is the person who has the training to best advise you what action to take if any is needed or give you simple reassurance if no action is needed.

If you don't fancy visiting your doctor's surgery then try the local family planning clinic.

Worrying doesn't help...
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