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why don't some women enjoy...

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as a male i enjoy performing oral sex on a woman. i want to know she is totally pleasured. can you tell me why some women don't like it? puts a damper on sex to me. i enjoy it. please reply. i really am interested in your opinion.
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replied October 1st, 2012
Talk it out!
Some women find it too sensitive to have constant or even temporary contact with their clitoris. Some women like oral sex but only after certain needs are met (showered, clean environment).

Just have a conversation with her and you'll be able to better understand what she wants.

don't forget to wear a condom!
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replied December 17th, 2012
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Some women do not like the thought that men take pleasure in this activity with every person they have sex with. Think of it as giving an engagement ring to every girl you have oral sex with. Some girls don't want the ring -- so they don't want the sex. Some women LOVE oral sex, there's nothing wrong with it if you both enjoy it. But, if she doesn't enjoy it and you do, it's only going to make a bad situation worse.
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