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Why does my testicles and regions around it smell like vagina

So I've only had sex with one girl and she was my first and I was her first. We broke up a while back but we still had sex here and there. The thing is within the last month and a half or so my testicles, penis, and skin in my inner thighs smells weird. After I take a shower there is no smell what so ever, but after a few hours or so a weird smell comes that reminds me of the smell of my ex's vagina. It is a putrid and the smell comes from the sweat. Is it just the sweat that smells really bad or is there more too it. Thank you it's really been bothering me.

Edit it starts smelling a little bit about 20-30 minutes after i step out of the shower.

HELP!!! please i'm like really freaking out.
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replied August 4th, 2011
Extremely eHealthy
hi, u probably have a genital problem which old gf had also.
yeast is cured with anti fungals
bacterial is cured with antibiotics
doubtful that either of u have anything worse so
SEE DR. and tell of gf or better yet take with to a clinic
u will be fine AFTER u get treated
good luck
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