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Why does my stomach hurt when I swallow food and drink

Im a 19 year old male. About four days ago on Friday night I came down with a fever, chills, and back aches. The fever lasted till about Monday as well as the chills. My issue now is that eating and drinking is pretty unbearable. On Sunday I had only eatin one mini bagel a couple hours after waking up that waited the whole day to eat again. When I went to eat again, I would swallow and then get this slight chest and abdominal pain. The next day I tried eating and wound up only having a dry bowl of captain crunch and three tacos from chipotle. It took me all day to get through those tacos. I still feel hungry but don’t have a desire to eat food. Every time I drink I almost burp immediately and then that is followed with a similar chest and abdominal pain that comes from eating. Could the pain and burping be from having such an empty stomach. My other thoughts are going towards a hiatal hernia just because I pretty much have all the symptoms, including a little acid reflex. I did throw up Sunday night from too much phlegm in my stomach.
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