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Why do I still hold on? How to move on?

my ex and I dated for two and a half years. he was my first love and first person I slept with. we were best friends and we talked about marriage and our future together quite often. towards the end of our relationship, he got bored of being with me and started wanting to be single. he cheated on me and dumped me. a week later he took another girls virginity. he lost all feelings for me but kept using me for sex and telling me we would get back together. then he decided he didn't want to keep seeing me so he told me to get out of his life and move on. for some reason, even though I can see that he doesn't care about me, and I can see that we are different people (he parties and drinks and smokes all the time and I prefer reading, baking, going for a hike, biking, walking through a park, going to a museum, etc) I still can't let go of the idea of him one day regretting leaving me and coming back to me and things being how they used to be. what can i do to let go of this fantasy and move on? or is it possible one day it will happen?
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