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Why do I have a lot of smelly discharge?

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Im 14 I've never had sex and I masterbate quite often and afterwards I am always left with a lot of clear/White smelling disharge which lingers up until my next period. (sometimes the smell is still there afterwards) My vagina doesn't hurt or itch and the smell is never fishy either. The common smells are bacon, sweat and soup (very strange) It is so much discharge that it soaks my knickers. Please what can I do to stop it? P.S. going to a factor isn't an option. Thanks.
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replied December 23rd, 2011
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Every woman has her own smell. Normally it is not a very strong smell. It is a sweaty and musky smell, and are sexually attractive to men. It contains pheromones and it cleans your vagina and keeps it healthy.

You need to follow a good hygiene routine to keep your vagina and vulva healthy.

There are a lot of heat and wetness in your genitals. It is important to let your vulva dry out and air out. Very tight pants and synthetic materials (nylons) are bad for your vulva health. The ideal is white cotton panties (full or bikini, not string style) with a skirt or dress, or loose fitting shorts or pants during the day. It is also advisable to sleep without underwear if it is safe to do so. Wash down there with clean water and your fingers. No douching or strong or scented soap, or any feminine sprays.

You will normally have a clear and white discharge during your cycle. This is cervical mucus and from your vaginal lining. Throughout your menstrual cycle, your hormone levels differ and the discharge will differ. After your period, you may get a few dry days. Thrn it will go sticky, creamy/pasty, wet and then very stretchy when you ovulate. (Wet and stretchy mucus is normally mostly clear). After ovulation it goes wet, pasty/creamy and sticky very quickly and it can stay fairly dry until your estrogen levels lift just before your period.

You will also find that you are fertile, and horny during the wet/stretchy phase, even though some women get more horny just before their periods, or during menstruation.

Further to this, when you get aroused, your vaginal walls wil start to give off arousal fluid. This comes from the cells in the vaginal lining. It can be a lot, or very little, it can be very slippery, or watery. So during masturbation and an orgasm, you will experience all these fluids. There are also 2 sets of glands in the vulva floor (the area between the inner lips. The Skene's glands around your pee hole, and the Bartholin's glands around the vaginal entrance. These will often also excrete fluids during sexual activity.

You also have the opening of the pee hole there where urine comes out. Urine have its own smell and residue it leaves behind.

Another thing you can try is to get a small squeeze bottle or spray bottle and wash yourself after peeing on the toilet. Pat yourself dry, rather than wiping. Also remember to always wipe from the front to the back to keep bacteria from your anus out of your vulva, when you wipe.

So what you are experiencing sounds fairly normal and just part of your normal monthly cycle. Some women have a lot of discharge, some not so much. It is however often so that you will see discharge on your panties at the end of the day, clear, creamy, yellowy, pasty, slippery, flaky or just a wet spot. It is all normal.

If you think you have problems or an infection, it is a good idea to speak to your mom.

You can however be assured that it is not caused by masturbation. Masturbation is a natural and healthy activity that does not damage your genitals. Do however remember to always wash your hands or whatever you use before starting.

Best of luck!
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