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Why did I have SEVERE lower abdominal pains?

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Okay, so I'm on Camila. I don't have my period, however, I do have stomach pains every now and then.
But anywho, two weeks ago I had my wisdom teeth removed so I was pretty much "out of it" because of the pain medication, so I accidently missed a night's pill. I never caught up because I didn't notice I was a day behind on my pills. So a few days ago I noticed it seemed as if my ovaries were hurting. It got to the point where I couldn't stand up too quickly or anything. Regardless, that's happened before so I was just hoping it would pass. Last night I saw where I was behind on my pills so I went ahead and caught up by taking my two pills. I woke up at 6 AM on the dot in HORRIBLE pain! I could barely move and I tried to stand up and I was so hunched over I could barely walk. I couldn't straighten up the pain was so bad. It was in my low low low lower stomach (right below where pant's waistline was. almost on top of my vagina.) It felt like someone was burning me and tearing my insides apart down there. It was not anything like cramps. So I took a pain pill and layed down and woke up feeling much better. There was still pain, but I felt so relieved. Could this have been caused because I waited so late to catch up on my Birth Control Pills? Any similar experiences?
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replied November 12th, 2010
pain with gianvi
i had that problem after i started from yaz to the NEW GIANVI i also had hot flashes. i was just mad all the time and sick for no reason. i went to my ob who handed me 2 packs of the YAZ brand name and within a week the pain was gone and i was back to normal excepte my insurance will not send me the brand name only the new gianvi which i will never take again..
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