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Why continue living a miserable existence when you only suffer?

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I've had a bad life, childhood was ***** up, family connived and messed up my childhood, suffered from depression since I was 8, it's been 11 years and I only feel worse. The hole in my being continues to expand. I see the world for what it truly is.... Ugly, hypocritical, and cruel. You say life is sunshine and rainbows and it all depends on how you view life.... Go through the hell I went through and let's see if your opinion changes. I'm tired of people telling me life is great and my pain is only temporary when that is entirely false. I'm tired of living in a world full of parasites who only know how to leech and feed off others... Life is not a gift... It is a burden and I never wanted it to begin with. I want no part of humanity and a society where you continually lie and steal and hurt each other.... I don't even consider myself human anymore..... I am nothing. The people who don't see it this way are the ones who truly need help. I hate humanity, The true monsters are humans... They do nothing but destroy and infect.... They are like an uncontrollable epidemic or virus that needs to be purge. I have no faith in humans because I see them for what they truly are, evil, greedy, egotistical maniacs constantly feeding their undying crave. If there is a god in this godless world he can take what he gave to me back. I plan on killing myself in few months just need to get the materials ready and then I'll finally be free from this cursed existence. There is nothing in this filthy world I desire other then my permanent end. I don't care about who I leave behind because before I was born there was no one... There was nothing. Living for someone else's sake is what is truly selfish. Humanity can help destroy itself without me included in the equation. I've been dead for a very long time... The only thing now that needs to die is this empty husk of a vessel you call a body
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