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Why can't i squirt anymore?

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I was a teenager when i first squirted its been a total of 14 years of squirting and now this year a few months ago i cant, not by masturbating or intercourse....why????? I miss it i feel it but it won't come out, what's wrong with me im still young. 28y.o

Please help me figure this out.
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replied May 14th, 2017
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There are two phenomena, female ejaculation and squirting/gushing.

It is now generally accepted in the medical and scientific world that gushing/squirting is nothing other than urine leaking out. There can be many reasons for it leaking during sex or orgasms.

So make sure you drink more, do not pee before, Do not fight that feeling you get that you have to pee. If you are doing kegel exercises, that strengthens the bladder sphincter muscle that helps you keep control.

Take care
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