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Why can't I move on when he replaced me?

I was with my boyfriend (now ex) for a year and 2 months which has been my longest relationship. At first I didn't want to be in a relationship but he did. He was my sisters friend and that's how I met him. He is 3 years younger than me. When I met him I hadn't been in a relationship for 2 years and was lonely. I spoke to guys but I just wasnt interested in them. When I met him he kept persueing me even when I kept pushing him away. Eventually we got so close we became best friends and then in a relationship because that's what he wanted and maybe that's what I wanted. But I kept trying to get out of it. We kept having fights over immature things he kept doing - eg. Causing arguments between me and my sister. I kept thinking why did I get so involved with a younger guy. He's so immature. My sister stopped talking to him and i started fighting with her and defending him no matter what he did. I fought with my whole family for him. And then he started trying to speak to other girls telling me they were only friends. Spending time with them and calling them and texting them. This is when I realised if I was so jealous I must have some strong feelings for him. So I started trying really hard and that is when he flipped from loving me to distancing himself. When I told him I want him to think for long term about me if he wants me in his life or else we don't talk at all he kept agreeing just to keep me in his life but I kept saying think about it. The day before my birthday he met with the girl he was talking to and spent the whole day with her. She missed her train. She lived a city away so a hour from here so he drove her home and didn't speak to me all day. From what I know he always told me what he was doing. Even that he was meeting her. But I got angry and said I didn't want to see him on my birthday and then I didn't speak to him for 3-4 days expecting him to put in the effort to talk to me. But he didn't. Instead I eventually got a hold of him and he said he had been so busy for those days that he couldn't contact me. I felt like a fool. From the start of the relationship I had bought him so many presents. I bought him a 250 watch, a holiday for his birthday expensive hotel, clothes, shoes, braclets. He only ever bought me a watch for Xmas. For two birthdays he bought me nothing. I felt so used. He was so selfish. He just kept taking and I never asked for more. I just wanted love and he just kept taking and giving nothing. When we met I sat in his car crying. I told him to delete my number and I grabbed his phone. I went to his calls to delete my number and there it was. Calls to that girl.. some hours long over those days he hadn't spoken to me. Too busy to speak to me but plenty of time for her. Instead of going crazy at him and confronting him I sat there shocked. When I went home I messaged him telling him about what I found when trying to delete my number and telling him that I knew he lied and that I didn't confront him and go crazy because I knew if I did the lies would just get worse and I wanted them to end. I then began to change myself. I tried to be more social for him I went out my way for him even though I'm a introvert. I went to England with him so he wouldn't have to go alone to meet his friends to go to a theme park he wanted to go to. But we decided to be on friends. But it became like friends with benefits. But I accepted it for now because I told him I would give him time to decide if he wanted us to be together. When we got there one night we were lying in bed and his phone started ringing. It was her. She was drunk. She was calling him. I lay there. Upset. Ttying not to over react. Trying to be understanding. He was with me. Not her. He loved me. Not her. When we got back home that was the last time I saw him I told him I needed time and he needed to decide what he wanted. For days after that he tried a little here and there to talk to me. Eventually it got too much and I told him I needed to cut him off because I was too hard. I cried on the phone and we said we loved each other and missed each other. I think he was drunk though and I told him he probably wouldn't remember what he said the next day. We then talked maybe once every two weeks and only a few words. The other day I was having family problems so I asked if I could talk to him as I needed him. I told him I was over us and that I wanted to be frI ends like we were before. We spoke for a hour and then in conversation he told me that he was now seeing someone I asked him who and he said 'I'm sure you can guess who' it was her. He replaced me for her. He told me it wasnt like that before. He even called her ugly when we were in a relationship and we laughed about it because i was shocked at how harsh he was. So I didn't understand. But now I do. Everything fits into place. I was not paranoid, it wasnt me. He was selfish. He was minipulative. He just wanted me to stick around to keep giving myself and he wanted her too. He just knows how to take and take and leave people empty. I was so shocked I couldn't speak. He said he was sorry and that it just happened. And then I stupidly told him ' I know, it happens' and he said he felt bad. But I kept justifying it for him. I might aswell have lay down and let him walk all over me and crush me because that's how I felt. So broken. He said can we still be friends and meet up all the time and be normal? I told him I don't know anymore. I can't after hearing that. I just cant. He kept saying he needs me to be friends with him at least. We spoke about her and I asked how it felt to be in a long distance relationship as she wasnt that close to here. He said it was different and that they dont see each other much not like our relationship had been where we saw each other every other day. She worked during the week full time and he worked part time during the weekend. So they didn't spend alot of time together. I believe that this is the only reason he said he needs me... incase he can't see her and he gets bored. He was a selfish human being and he liked to take and break and keep people. I told him I was happy for him over and over again. I listened to myself and the more I said it the less I believed myself. I was in so much pain. The kind of intense pain I've never felt before. He said he would text me in a few days. It's now been 5 days since we spoke. And I've cried every day. I've felt like killing myself every day. I've broke down over and over again. I've slept thinking of him and what I did wrong and woke to the thought all over again of losing him. Still no word from him. How long will I wait?
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