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Why are supplements so essential ?

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In the age of fast food & eating on the go, so much of what we put into our bodies
has very little nutritional value. Some do make the effort to eat a healthy diet…
but today, even this falls short. In 1992 the Earth Summit met in Brazil and
reported that “soil depletion has become an epidemic”. They went on to report
that the United States soils are the worst; with 85% of our soils depleted.We eat
vegetables and fruits to be healthy; to provide our bodies with much needed vitamins
and minerals. These plants we eat get the vital nutrients they pass on to us from soil.
If soils are 85% depleted then our fruits and vegetables can provide little nutritional
value. Take into account harvesting, processing, transporting, storage and cooking what
really remains?
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replied June 11th, 2009
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I really appreciate you posting this. A lot of people have no idea what we put in our bodies and how hard it is to eat healthy foods in this day and age. Since i've been alive most of our food in america is genetically modified it is so hard for me to find good things to eat so i sometimes just don't eat. I know i need food but not the kind of garbage they sell in stores. Just wanted to say thanks Smile
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