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Why are low carb diets popular?

Isn't the whole point of a low carb diet designed to get the body to go into a state of ketogenesis? Taking energy directly from fat rather than glucose stores, or making glucose from fat, can't remember how it works exactly.

Secondly, what are people referring to by carbs? are they referring to sugar or to complex carbs like starches.

Simple carbs like sugar, if not in immediate demand by the body, will be stored as fat. More complex carbs like starchy molecules, are gradually broken down with the sugar being used as and when needed. This seems to be what the food pyramid is based on.

I think that the type of sugar found in corn syrup is probably the most notorious. All sugars are terrible. I think one of the major reasons behind the high obesity of developed countries is that so many products contain too much sugar (there are many, many more reasons than this of course).

Another thing, why do people talk in terms of white refined carbs being bad? Things such as white floor, and white bread for-instance? Is it due to the fact that these products are just pure starch, without the nutrients, protein and fibre found in wholegrain varieties? Do these products contain a greater proportion of starch per item than wholegrain varieties?

All carbs contain calories. Fats contain the greatest calories per gram, followed by carbs, with proteins containing the least.
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replied March 23rd, 2014
Yeah Good diet is necessary for healthy body.
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