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Why are all guys writing me off?

I am in my late 20s, college educated. I am average, plain looking and nice lady. I tried net dating and joining social events. While i tried to be confident and friendly to guys i know at these events or meet-ups, before i know it, they had mentally dismissed me as a dating potential. I don't understand why. I overheard some conversation by the guys that im one of the ladies, he would never consider as a dating partner while some said i look worse.

No matter what i do, no guys seem to be really to consider me as a dating partner. Im permanently friendszoned or ignored. I tried asking them out but they would encourage me to date others and said outrightly to me that they would never consider me. I wonder whats wrong, they dont even know me in person, its merely a one time, short conversation and meetup and they are writing me off totally.

Its been years and im seeing a shrink soon. Can someone help provide insights into my situation? I have also been trying to improve my looks and social skills
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replied January 9th, 2011
Well, i am sure there are guys out there who would date you...

I have been single for a decade and i have face rejection in the decade gone by so i know how it can feel...

Most men are really turned on by simply HOLDING AND BEING HELD by a woman... yes, sex is good in a relationship however it is the "EMBRACE" which carries a higher emotion and level of pose.
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