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why am i still bleeding after my period should be over?

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my period was over 2 weeks ago but i and still bleeding and have a bad odored brownish discharge. What could this mean?
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First Helper Meadowsle

replied April 6th, 2012
Dark brown blood
Have you been on any birth control that stopped your period??? I was on the depo shot for 8 months and came off it two months ago, ive had my period on time each month since i stopped, i also had dark brown doctor informed me that it is just old blood. if you use tampons alot you should try switching to pads every other time you change it, so it gives the chance to actually flow.....
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replied July 1st, 2013
Period problem
I dont know why I am still on my period it stops alittle and comes back why?
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replied July 2nd, 2013
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When did this period start?

Are you on any medicines?

How is your cycles normally?how many days apart? How long do you bleed?
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