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Why am I abnormal to eat weird things such as chalk, kleenex, an

I'm 15 and love eating kleenex, paper, and chalk when I was young and now I have the urge to eat a stick of chalk. The goodness of it makes me happy. It taste like candy. It's been going on for many years. This is true about how this what people call it "addiction" is abnormal. I think it taste good and I've never got really sick.

Are there ppl like me who do the same because I feel so alone and want this craving to stop, but am too helpless.

So please, do not tell me I'm psycho, freak, mentally retarded, weirdo, I'm effin crazy. I just want help.

I do have a psychologist and a psychiatrist and never mention about this issue to them, knowing they will laugh their heads off.

It just at the moment, I'm craving to eat chalk.

I'm tempted to eat chalk or anything that is inedible for some odd reason so if anyone out there who struggles with this please inform me. Thanks in advance
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replied July 23rd, 2010
Please let your psychologist and psychiatrist know about your eating habits. They will not laugh at you because they know that this is a problem that MILLIONS of people have. A lot of times it is caused by a vitamin or mineral deficiency. Pica is the word for the disorder and it simply means a compulsion to eat nonfood items. People have been known to eat dirt, hair, dry wall, chalk, corn starch, sponges, ice... you name it. So, no, you are not a psycho, freak, mentally retarded, weirdo or effin crazy. lol
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