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Who knows where and if you can donate?

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I don't have any spare embryos just lying around, but my fella and I would be willing to donate the eggs and sperm to make some. I'm all for improving life for the living, so why should those IVF folks get to hog all the smugness? LOL

Does anyone here know if there are organizations that would accept such a donation? Naturally, I'm not keen on paying the cost to fetch mine out of me (he can get his out just fine) but I wouldn't want any money for it and don't consider it murdering my baby.
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replied January 11th, 2012
I don't think that's how that works. You can't just fertilize an egg and create an zygote for the purpose of creating stem cells, that's just unethical. Plus I'm pretty sure stem cells can be taken from the human body, not from fetuses.
If you want to help people, donate your bone marrow.

I do know you can, however, donate your eggs for a pretty penny. Some sperm banks exist as well that will pay men for their genetic material, usually only if they have certain qualifications (usually a college degree, or doctorate). I think you can also donate stem cells in a baby's umbilical chord, should you choose to have one someday.
As far as specific places that do this? I'd say just google it.
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