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White stuff after having sex ?

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Me and my bf has had unprotected sex for the last year. He have to kid from before me and I cant get pregent. It have to be me becuase he have to kids youngest(9 monthes)... Recently while we've been having sex when were done theres like white cum on his penis from me... at first that wasn't happening just within the last like 2 monthes. So what is that white stuff? and why all of a sudden it starting to cum? i'm afraid that maybe I have an std or something. I dont have any medical. so i cant go to the docotor. what should i do? and can you see your eggs like when you cum could the white stuff be my eggs? please help..
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First Helper helpmepleaseee

replied March 1st, 2009
you can't see your eggs, the white stuff is more than likely just your discharge and i doubt there is anything to worry about in that area. i think you should just get tested to make sure everythings in working order. were you on the pill or anything before you were trying?
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