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white spots on lung with CT scan?

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Hello, I sent a message about my mother having white spots on lung on MRI image, but I was misinformed and need to update the question and I can't find it. I am just going to repost.
My mom was diagnosed with non-small cell lung carcinoma about 8 years ago.

When diagnosed she was in stage 3B. She had to have surgery, chemo, and

radiation. They also told her that this type of cancer would always come back,

especially since the cancer got into her lymphnodes. When they did surgery to

take out the lobe of the right lung that had cancer on it they also took out some

swollen and infected lymphnodes from her chest. She has been in remmission for

6 years and has been getting CT scans on her upper body every six months since

then. Her recent CT scan showed a bunch of little white spots on the same lung,

but the doctors told her that they don't know what it is. I am very confused about

this and was wondering if anybody has an idea of what it is? She was 48 when

first diagnosed, also.
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replied November 8th, 2012
My wife 58 year old, smoker 1 pack a day 40 years) had a MRI which showed a 1X2MM white spot on the top right lung. She was refered to a pluminguist, who acted lost, we're getting another referal. Righ now we have opted to wait 3 month for another MRI to see if the spot enlarges, is this wise? Also she has been exposed to starlings (birds & histoplasmosis) & hs had pnemounia 2
times. could this be scar tissue?
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