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White object under tongue

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I have been having a problem, I just developed it in the past day or so, and was curious as to what it was and if I should be worried. I have a tiny white looking 'string' about 2-3mm long and small string size in diameter coming out of the left part of my tongue. It is a bit sore, and when I move my tongue in a certain way it hurts a bit, but more annoying than anything. Should I be worried? Its not a bump, its a tiny string like white thing coming out of the bottom of my tongue and I couldn't find anything regarding this particular problem. Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks! Smile I'm sorry if this was the wrong forum to post in, as I couldn't find a 'Mouth' forum Smile
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replied January 10th, 2010
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Have this checked out with your dentist..Nowadays my dentist checks all his patients for tongue cancer...If it continues, have it checked out....Take care...

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