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White lump on nipple

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Hey everyone.

Months ago maybe a year, I noticed a small, white lump in my nipple. It was really small so I didn't think anything of it. Around this time, I noticed every now and then that I'd get a bit of crustyness/flakyness on that nipple and that my breast would itch alot. I got a little worried but convinced myself it was just because of my menstrual cycle and ignored it (perhaps stupidly)

As I said, that was quite a good few months ago, but recently, I've noticed that same nipple has recently sort of sunken in the middle. This made me remember the lump, so I checked and it's still there, although it hasn't grown any and is still the same colour.

However, I've now spotted another small, white lump in my other nipple. It's very slightly smaller than the other one, and the same colour.

both lumps are so small that I can't touch them to see if they're painful.

I've examined my breasts but they've always been kind of lumpy so I can't tell if there's any lumps in my breast. As far as I'm able to see for myself, there's only those two little white lumps in my nipples.

I'm 20 years old, never been pregnant and not sexually active and I'm just really really worried. Could it be cancer?
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replied April 9th, 2009
I would definitely suggest telling your doctor about this.
As embarrasing or annoying it is, it is best to just run it by them to see if it really could be something bad or not.
The same thing happens to some ladies breasts, so I THINK there is nothing to be worried about.
I am not sure if your little white bumps would be bigger or not than the size of a few other people who get them. But I have also never heard of a cancer looking like this.
I hope you do get it checked out, then you can be 100% sure and not have to worry about anything. It will be worth it in the end.
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