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I have 5 white hard bumps on my vaginia area. They look like a pimple but a little bigger. What could it be?
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replied May 3rd, 2009
Community Volunteer
From what I understand, they are some kind of a virus...They say that they are not serious...If they bother you, I would see the doctor....

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replied June 8th, 2009
Hey, I have bumps on my clitoris. Started of like a small circle, eventually got a bit bigger. It began to look like a cauliflower. Went to the doctor and I was told i had HPV.

Even if you haven't had intercourse, HPV is easily and most common transmitted nowadays.

I have to go the the hospital and get an operation to remove the "physical appearance" but the virus will always be there

Go to the doctor asap please!
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