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White gooey stuff coming out of penis

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This morning i was erect and for a while watching porn to excite myself, but when I was getting ready to masturbate I noticed a white gooey stuff coming out. I squeezed my penis and more came out. I didn't masturbate so I don't know what it is. I've had unprotected sex this past year with my partner but I also cheated on him with other people unprotected too. I'm worried it might be something deadly. Please help. I'm 18 years old
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replied July 10th, 2012
Community Volunteer
Are you sure its not precum ???

Your biggest problem is having unprotected sex with others
you don't know well.
If you really love the person your with you need to be
tested now.
Are you prepared to give any sexual diseases to him.
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replied December 30th, 2012
Pre-cum is not white; that is only the coloration of the semen, when produced in and ejaculated from the prostate. At 18, you shouldn't be needing porn; if you are in a relationship, value that... or you are dis-valuing both your partner and yourself. It's possible you had a spontaneous emission, but that would usually be accompanied by muscular spasms of the prostate also, and rather well-felt. Consult a urologist. Hope you have not waited since July to pursue this....
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replied September 26th, 2014
You are 10x more likely to get STDs from gay sex. (Just another way God is guiding us) Please find the nearest mosque and just have a talk y not right? you dont have to revert just to learn about the religion in this day and age with all the blurred lines in interpretation of Islam learning the truth cant hurt and they might be able to save you from your self. unapproved advertising ppl not adam and steve. Baby's can only be made be a man and a woman for a reason.
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