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White Foci Hyperintesity - MRI results

Hi everyone,

About 9 months ago I started to notice that my short term memory was deteriorating. Initially I didn't think much of it but it seemed to get progressively worse to the point that I flagged it with my GP. I would always have been very good with names and faces and I have become terrible with both of them. I literally don't recognise some people that I've met before now, which never happened me before. I also have difficulty recalling words and tend to forget about about appointments and other commitments regularly. I would have been a little bit forgetful before but again, it seems to have gotten a lot worse lately.

I went for a brain MRI and the report stated that there were small foci of white hyperintensities visible. I did some research and what I've read seems to suggest that these can appear with old age, or with health conditions like high cholesterol and high blood pressure.

The thing is I am only 25 years old and am in peak physical condition. I play professional rugby, and my physical fitness and diet are both at a very high standard. My concern is that my symptoms may be a result of too many bangs to the head or collisions in general. I play hooker as well, which for those of you who aren't familiar with rugby means that I am subjected to repeated collisions at the neck area as a result.

I'm just waiting on an appointment with a neurologist now. Could anyone shed some light on this? I won't get paranoid or freaked out by anything, and am just looking for honest opinions.

Thank you very much.
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