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White discharge from my girlfriend's vagina/fear of pregnancy

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I was doing cunnilingus on my girlfriend yesterday and noticed some white discharge coming out from her vagina. The color was white and kinda looked like sperm. However, my girlfriend's a virgin, and we never had sex. Only foreplaying. It didn't smell or anything. She also told me that she does wear pad everyday, and change to a different pad when she starts having her period. However, she didn't have any tampon in yesterday while she was with me. What does that mean? I did not ejaculate on her vagina nor anything. I'm just worried about her health. Is she going to be alright? Would pregnancy occur? I do remember having a bit of pre-*** in my finger and did rub her vagina like immediately after for a little bit. I did put my finger in her vagina (only the tip of my finger), but not the whole thing in. Would that somehow cause her to be pregnant? One more thing, I don't quite remember having my penis touching her vagina, but what would happen if it did? I'm unsure if there was any precum on it? Would that cause pregnancy? I didn't use any condom. There wasn't any intercourse nor any penetration. Nothing, simply masturbating one another, and a bit of oral sex (she gave me a handjob while sitting on top of me. She had her panties on, and her vagina was somewhat close to my penis). What's the cause of the white discharge? I'm worried sick, and I really don't know what I should do. She's 17, by the way. And she's a virgin.
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replied June 10th, 2011
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Wow, so many questions. You asked her and she told you. She's got enough discharge that she needs to wear a pad every day to stay dry and keep her underwear clean. That will mean a panty liner on normal days, and menstrual pads when she menstruates. Although this is not usual, it is not that strange. some women have a lot of discharge. If she is worried about it, encourage her to talk to her mom and see a doctor to make sure there is not an infection or hormone imbalance.

The discharge will normally come from her cervix where mucus protects her insides from germs and allows menstrual debris from exiting and sperm to enter when she ovulates. This discharge will change in consistency, quantity and color throughout her cycle. Ask her to explain it to you. When she gets aroused, her vaginal walls will fill with blood and squeeze fluid from her vaginal wall cells. This is arousal fluid. It is lear and dries up quickly.

If this discharge smells bad, or have white chunks in it (like cottage cheese), she's got an infection that needs to be treated.

I do not think you have anything to be worried about. Remember to always stay safe.
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replied May 24th, 2013
not a yeast infection
Thats normal dude, dont worry. Im 21 and Im a virgin and I've had clear and white stuff come out of me and it doesnt smell. the fluid gets more when girls are aroused and it usually less on a daily basis.
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