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White discharge from Clitorus

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I've been having white discharge come from my clit. It goes away and comes back but I've been having it for awhile. I know I don't have any STDs and I've taken yeast infection meds but they didn't solve the problem.
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replied December 25th, 2008
Extremely eHealthy
Is it a lot of discharge? If you've never had a yeast infection before then you should go to the doctor and have it diagnosed.

Sometimes if your diet has a high sugar or carb content then there will be a white discharge. Adjusting your diet will make that go away.

Yeast infections have a dishcarge and usually a smell or an itchy feeling.

If you are sure this isn't normal discharge, then speak with a doctor-- especially if you have other symptoms.
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replied December 26th, 2008
It varies from a small amount (like I wouldn't notice unless I inspected myself) to a decent amount where it gets on my underwear. It varies from thick-ish to slightly watered down. Someone told me this was cum? or "wetness" you get when aroused but I don't think its suppose to be colored. When dried on my underwear, it leaves a slight stain.

I've had a yeast infection before and this is different I believe because their is no pain or smell. The discharge is odorless.

What would you define as normal discharge?

I will look into my diet.
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