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White discharge at vagina opening

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My boyfriend and I tried to have sex but I was still a virgin so he didn't penetrate all the way. He kept pulling out whenever he felt anything even close to ejaculation. Lately I have white discharge around the opening of my vagina and my period shud be here any day now but no heavy discharge or cramps. Preggers??? Please answer asap
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replied January 11th, 2010
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Pryia, Any time you allow his penis to enter your vagina without any form of birth control, you run the risk of getting pregnant. This is especially true with the so called pull-out "method". His sole aim for having intercourse with you is to orgasm while he is inside you. By expecting him to pull out, you are encouraging him to see how close he can come before pulling out. If he does not have a LOT of experience and self control, that can be a real disaster. It is like smelling and tasting your favorite food after not eating for a week, and then having to spit it out before swallowing it.

Only a pregnancy test can tell if you are pregnant.

I assume the discharge is not your normal cervical discharge that you see every cycle or you would not be worried about it. A white discharge can be an infection, most likely a yeast infection. Does it burn or itch? Does it have a cottage cheese like texture or does it smell yeasty?

It is time to visit a store and buy some condoms, to prevent pregnancy and STDs or infections. If it were me, I would rather buy condoms than pregnancy tests!!

Take care.
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replied May 15th, 2011
I & my wife have sex last week , but i didnt insert her . I hadnt ejaculate. Her periods are not occur its 6 days late than usual cycles.

plz help me
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