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White colored clitoris ?

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i was wondering why my girlfriends clitoris is white colored and if thats normal or some sort of infection if so how can we fix it, also sometimes her vagina smells a bit bad is it bad hygiene or something else, also her vagina dries fast is that normal or does it have something to do with estrogen like ive read that estrogen improves better lubrication cause im masturbating her and after sometime she just gets dry, does me masturbating her could harm her in any way or cause her vagina to be damaged or break i ask this cause even do were intimate she thinks something wrong will happen even do i tell her its impossible cause i always clean my hands cut my nails and im not rough with her plus she sure sounds like im doing a good job but to ease her mind i ask the question anyways, finally she sometimes takes a bit more then normal for her period to arrive i tell her its possibly stress and low hormone levels and that we should go to a gynacologist but she scared to go to him would like to know what we can do to make her better and please give me as much detail as possible with all questions specially if its normal for her clitoris to be white colored and not pink or brown cause ive heard those are normal colors and why her menstrual cycle is not orderly in any way.
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replied October 31st, 2010
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gaide, The color of genitals differ from woman to woman. White, light pink or dark pink for the clitoris are normal.

All woman have a smell and taste. Some more so than others but still. She should wear cotton panties that absorb humidity, wash her vulva every day with just plain water, avoid tight pants and sleep without panties whenever possible. This will all allow her to stay dryer.

You should use a special lubricant to help her when you finger her. That will make it more comfortable and fun for her. These personal lubricants can be bought where they sell condoms. A water based lubricant is ideal and a few drops of water can be added when it starts to dry out. Her drying out is quite normal.

Many things can affect her periods. She might just naturally have irregular cycles. Certainly masturbation or fingering her does not affect her cycles and cannot harm her if everything is clean, smooth and well lubricated.

Take care!
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