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white coat syndrome. am i alone in this?

before i go any further, know that i'm a 29 year old female who had an amazing up bringing. not only that, but this whole panic thing just sort of started out of nowhere. literally. i have to tell each and every one of you first, that i am deathly afraid of anything medical. i was diagnosed with white coat syndrome about a year ago, and have only been to the doctor ONCE since then, and that was just for a hip injury.

i want to know if there is anyone else out there like me. someone who will not go to the doctor to save their life. and if you used to go through this, what did you do in order to help yourself? my husband serves in the military, and we're currently in the process of moving to another state for the military - so i have to hold off on seeing a therapist about this. if anyone knows of something they were able to do in order to get through this at home or before they went to go and see a doctor, i would love to hear your story.

but yes, i am afraid of anything medical. about five years ago or less, i was taken to the emergency room because of a weird reaction i had to medication. they then administered a medication through my IV when i was seen, and my heart rate went through the roof. i had yet another reaction to medication. i had never had panic attacks until after that night in the emergency room. i didn't even know what they were. when i have a panic attack, my body mimics what my body did that night. freezing cold, but it was 100 degrees, heart racing like no other, shaky a little, panic know what i mean.

this has forced me into thinking that the slightest little dull pain i have anywhere on my body is something horribly wrong with me. my latest fear is surgery. i always tell people that unless i am on my death bed, i will never have surgery. i am scared of it. i am scared of my appendix bursting. i am scared of the lump in my neck that hurts at night for the past two days now, even though i am not sick.

i really need help, can someone help me?
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replied March 17th, 2012

Please read my new post on ght-after-lying-down-thoughts-of-dying-as- result-t313882.html

It may be of help for you; I hope so.
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