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White clumps of discharge around clitoris? Itching of labia?

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I'm a 20 year old woman. I was having unprotected sex with my boyfriend (using my birth control 21 day combined pill Logynon). We broke up and I had unprotected sex with one male 3 months ago (not my regular practice at all!). I'm back with my boyfriend and we have regular sex, until recently anyway. I have itching, sometimes burning, on and inside my labia and up inside my lips around my clitoris I have this white squishy film that rubs off into little clumps. I think it might be discharge but it's far enough away from my vagina. It kind of goes with the description of cottage cheese consistency. It doesn't seem to smell. I shower everyday and do use scented products. It's really itchy and I wake up in the morning, having scratched in the night, with abrasions and sometimes cuts on and around my labia. As well as this, inside the lips and beside my clitoris, the skin there is tearing really easily and frequently, as if it is weakened skin. I'm going for my regular STI screening soon, hopefully it's clear, but I know something is up down there. I can't have sex because A. I'm embarrassed and B. The skin around the clitoris is so weak and sore, sometimes it bleeds. Inside my vagina is fine, no pain, but on my pantyliner there is a different discharge, more yellowish in color. Just wondering, is this a simple yeast infection (seems to fit the description) or something to be more worried about? Thanks.
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replied December 6th, 2011
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You should do an STI screen between partners, especially if there was unprotected sex involved.

It sounds like one of two things. Since you describe it as cottage cheese like, a yeast infection. Yeast does not smell, so everything lines up with a yeast infection. Yeast normally occurs in the vagina. It is certainly possible for it to gather around your clitoris, or even have a little bit of infection under the hood. Get a 3 day treatment for yeast. Also put a bit under your clitoris hood.

Another thing it can be is smegma, a white creamy substance made up of oil and dead skin cells. We get it under the clitoral hood, men under their foreskin.

A few general guide lines: Keep your vulva dry. Take off wet clothes as soon as possible, pat yourself dry, wear cotton full crotch panties, avoid tight warm pants and nylons, sleep without panties when safe to do so, wash your vulva with clean water and your fingers, between the folds and under the clitoris hood, do not douche, keep chemicals and scented products away from your genitals, wipe from the front to the back on the toilet, and one you already know - use condoms. You should only have unprotected sex with a few select long term partners in your life. Being the partner that brings STDs into a marriage, or endangering a baby's health during birth because of irresponsible sex is no fun.

Best of luck!
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replied September 29th, 2014
Hi, Im currently experiencing the same EXACT things you've described. What was your diagnosis?
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replied March 7th, 2017
i have the same symtoms but mine are raw... bleeding and it hurts to wipe... im frstrated and sad and helpless... i cant take it anymore...
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