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White bumps on roof of mouth near and on the base of the uvula

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White bumps on roof of mouth near and on the base of the uvula?
The bumps are white (look like white head pimples with a little bit of redness around them - irritation. I have 12 of them on roof of mouth near and on the base of the uvula, not near my tonsils. They just appeared 2 days ago. At 1st I just thought my throat was irritated from sleeping with my mouth open. I have not had any dramatic changes in eating or sleeping habits. The only difference is that I have been taking a Vitamin B Complex and Evening Primrose Oil for the past 2 weeks. I don't see how that could cause this issue. My throat is slightly sore but I think only because when I swallow the back of my throat rubs against them. I am now on the 3rd day and some of the white has gone away and is now red only. Not sure if that means they are healing or getting worse.I am 37 years old and have never experienced this issue before. I have done a little bit of "online research" and I've ruled out Tonsil Stones, seeing a picture of that I know that what I have looks nothing like that. Any ideas of what this might be?
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