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White bumps in pubic region

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About a month ago I started noticing these pimple like bumps in my pubic hair region. They are about the size of pimples but flesh colored and I at first tried to pop them and all they did was bleed. They are raised and have a dimple in the middle, some of them have what looks like white heads but still have the dimple.. im extremely worried because they have slowly been spreading in my pubic region and up the shaft of my penis. However on my penis there are the bumps I first described and tiny little white dots where im assuming new ones are beginning to occur.

They do not hurt, itch, burn, or seem to be effecting my groin area in any way except to look bad. As far as sexual history I have been sexually active since I was 15 and I am not 20. I have slept with multiple women generally with protection but not always.
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replied June 19th, 2009
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Your genital bumps are most likely a rash, known as Molluscum contagiosum.
They appear as smooth, pearly to flesh-colored, dome-shaped bumps, with diameter 1-5 mm, and dimpled center.
With time, the center of the bumps may look like white curdlike core.
This rash is a result of viral infection and is considered a STD, since it can be transmitted during sexual skin to skin contact.
It may result from infection during different contact sports, and even from using infected towels, clothes, and washcloths.
Most cases of molluscum clear up on their own within two years, but, when located genitally they need to be treated, since there is a great chance to be spread to wider areas while scratching them (that's why you have noticed an increase in their number).
Once they are gone, eradicated with treatment, the chances for transmitting through sex are almost equal to zero.

See your physician and get treated if you do not want to spread them to your partner!

Best wishes!
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replied March 16th, 2011
I have the exact same problem.
I noticed about 2 of them at the base of my pubic region and now, about 2 weeks later there are about 8 in total and today I noticed they are started to spread more, one just started to grown on the bottom of my shaft. I am highly concerned it's genital herpes. I hope yo god that I just have what Mansms just explained.
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replied March 22nd, 2011
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If the bumps are not painful, itchy, or irritating, it is not herpes.
It could also be in grown hair.
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