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Which is best birth control method after marriage???

This is my first post on this and i have some questions. I got married last month and i have some questions on birth control. I am 25 now and dont plan to start family for next 2 years. My husband don't like to use condom.However as a safety precaution he wont eject inside.I am looking into getting best birth control? I am scared of gaining weight if i get on it i have heard so many horror stories regarding it that it freaks me out. I would also hate for it to ruin my cycle. Need advice for same?
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replied June 12th, 2019
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Pull-out sex is not very reliable and can be less than satisfying for the woman. You could combine it with abstinence during the "fertile window" for improved effectiveness.

The two non hormone methods that come to mind are copper IUD (expensive) and diaphragm used with spermicide back-up. You won't know if weight gain is an issue for you with hormone birth control until you try it. You could try the pill and easily stop it if the results are not good. Ditto with patch and ring. An implant is not so easily reversed.
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