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whey protein & gas

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Lately, I have been increasing my weight lifting regime and have started drinking 1-2 whey protein shakes a day. (I need to gain weight; I weigh 100 lb. and am 5'4", I have a feeling breastfeeding is keeping my weight low despite eating quite a bit. And I'm also fairly active, chasing around my 14 month old toddler, taking her for walks to the park, etc. But I really can't afford to lose any more weight. I am looking too thin. My doc has tested my thyroid, liver, kidneys and says it is likely the breastfeeding and recommended drinking some protein shakes each day.)

But since I've become drinking whey protein shakes (Syntha-6, I had to spend a lot of money to find a drink that wasn't too disgusting that I could tolerate), I have been having (sorry, TMI!) horrid gas. My poor husband about chokes when he comes home from work and strikes matches everywhere. Is it the whey protein causing the gas or is it the fact that I mix the shakes with milk (I do not have a milk interolance that I'm aware of and used to drink a lot of Slimfast without a problem) or is it something else in the shakes? I have also noticed this effect after eating protein bars such as Power Bar. What is causing the gas? Any way to alleviate it? In public, this gas is really embarrassing!
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replied March 15th, 2009
i've found a cure
so i've had the same problem and after some searching i have found the solution.....activated charcoal, take one before ur protein shake or what ever meal gives u a's cheap and it worked the first time i took it!!!
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replied March 20th, 2009
Might be
the milk, casein, or egg protein in the protein shake your taking. Whey hardly gives me problems, but your shake might consist of casein and egg proteins. Eggs used to give me gas real bad and since I am partially lactose intolerant, too much milk will give me bad gas. Try mixing your shake in water the first time, if it still causes gas, maybe it's time to either switch protein powders, take less of it, or not take them at all.
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