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whether i am pregnant or not

I had sex with my boyfriend a month back.. N I took a ipill after an hour I.e 7pm . N than a day after I had sex again but it was within 72 hours so I din't took ipill.. Both the times my boyfriend ejaculated sperms in my vagina.. N after 5 days of sex I had symptom bleeding.. Which was due to ipill.. My problem is that I missed my period which was to happen.. Its been 15 days since I missed my period.. M I pregnant? Dere is no symptom of pregnancy though.. M very anxious please reply soon please..
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replied September 12th, 2016
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The iPill resets your menstrual clock. It could be a month after your IPill bleed before you have another period, maybe more. You have no other early signs so I'm pretty sure you are safe. Please buy some condoms and vaginal spermicide of your own and make sure they are used correctly. Download a period tracker app so you have some idea of your fertile days. Good luck!
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