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Where does the ejaculate go?

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My boyfriend and I have been dating for 3 years now and although I am on the pill and have been for years, he has never ejaculated inside of me. This is something we have been discussing but I'm just curious...what happens after he finishes? Does it stay in there or is it supposed to come out?
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replied May 9th, 2011
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Nataliae, his ejaculate is jelly like. When it hits the top of your vagina, the heat will liquify it over a 15 minute period in waves. Every liquified wave will release the sperm inside it. The sperm will hunt for your cervix and go into your uterus and up into a Fallopian tube to the ovaries where it will lie in wait waiting to get lucky and meet an egg, or just die.

Your whole genital tract will look like a battle field with dead sperm all over the place, and only the best of the best making it all the way to your ovaries. The dead sperm inside your uterus, cervix and Fallopian tubes will just dissolve and be absorbed by your body, or come out with your next period.

When you are on the pill, the mucus in the cervix is unfriendly to sperm. The very vast majority will not even make it into your uterus.

The semen left over and liquified at the top of your vagina will just ooze back out over the next 24 hours. The medical term for it is flow back. It contains some of your mucus, arousal fluid and the left overs from his ejaculation.

You can speed this flow back process up a bit by doing kegels on the toilet to push it out.

Another thing that you will often hear is that when you orgam, your cervix will dip down and form negative pressure inside the uterus making it suck a little bit at it's tip. So if you orgasm after he ejaculated, your cervix can dip into the semen pool at the top of your vagina and suck up some of the semen containing sperm. Some studies done on this seems to indicate that this does indeed happen.

Take care
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