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Where do I start and the Bipolar begins ??

Any thoughts on the situation? I mean do any of you actually know if you are really you or if it is part of the bipolar? I know these are hard questions, I can't even answer them.
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replied April 13th, 2009
where do I start...
I think I know exactly what you are asking. I am also bipolar, and I used to get a lot of creative energy before I was medicated. Now I am medicated on Lithium, Abilify, & Lexapro. The ONLY difference now that my bipolar is essentially 'removed' from my life, is this:
1. I have less energy, creative or not.
2. When in a creative energy mood, I am now operating in a sane, safe, healthy way of energy... as oppossed to before medication when I was literally insane with full blown mania.
3. I also no longer get horribly depressed and/or suicidal.
4. I can still do paintings, art, crafts, ceramics, etc.... but just in a better way now that seems more productive and functional.
Hope this helps.... karen
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