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When to test for pregnancy with irregular periods?

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Menstruation is a woman's normal monthly menstrual period. But what are the signs of abnormal periods? When is vaginal bleeding serious?...
Regular vaginal bleeding vagina is a sign of healthy menstruation. What signs and symptoms point to menstrual problems? Read on to learn the difference....
Menstrual irregularity means that something is wrong. Learn how to identify the signs and symptoms of an irregular period to prevent larger problems later...
I have irregular cycles. I get my period every 30-34 days. If I am suppose to get my period on the 29th of June, when is the earliest I can take a home pregnancy test that will give me an accurate result?? Thanks Smile
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replied June 21st, 2009
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You can take it the day of your missed period. So if you dont start your period the day you are supposed to, take it that day. The results may be negative, but try again in another week. Some tests are pretty expensive, so I would shop around. I know that First Response Pregnancy Tests, have a product that has 3 tests in it. Thats the best choice to make I think. So you can take 2 more tests to make sure you didnt get a false possitive. I took 5 tests, 2 were negative, the other 3 were just because I was excited and wanted to see the positive again!
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