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When should I get my period after stopping birth control?

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I stopped using my birth control and I am not sure when I should get my next period. I took my last pill on Tuesday, January 3. If I was still on the pill, I would take the last active pill on Tuesday, January 31. I would've gotten my period shorty after.

Should I expect my period to come around the same time it would've on the pill? At this point I am not entirely sure if my period is late or if I have a few days to go. I'm afraid I may be pregnant because I have unprotected sex during my sugar pills and didn't take the next pack. I hope this made sense.
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replied January 30th, 2012
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As you've stopped taking the pill you might not get a period for a few months.

When you stop the pill you should get a fake period (your normal withdrawl bleed you get every month a few days after which is normal However you might not get your first natural period for a few months after which is also pretty normal.

When you get your first natural period will depend entirely on when your body start producing the natural hormones needed to start ovulation again. Some women are more fertile ater stopping the pill so get pregnant straight away and dont know they are pregnant.

Others ovulate a few weeks after a get their natural period 4-6 weeks after stoping the pill or others dont start ovulating for a few months so don't get a period all of which is normal.

It can take up to a year for your body to completely adjust to not being on the pill and for your homones to start working how they should because the pill supresses them. It will also take a while for your periods to regulate again but if you had irregular cycles before going on the pill it's possible you will have after stopping it. Some women also experience hair loss 3-5 months after stopping the pill and lasts a month or two. This is due to the hormonal imbalance in the body and once this is normal the hair loss stops.

If you are unsure when your period should be, and think you could be pregnant, wait 3-4 weeks after having sex and take a pregnancy test, if negative repeat a week later to either confirm the results of the first test or comfirm a pregnancy.

Hope this helps Smile
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