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When should baby be encouraged to walk?

An acquaintance has been trying to persuade his baby to stand, with a view to having him walk at 5 months. His efforts began after two weeks and involve exercises where he tries to get the newborn to take his own weight on his legs. The exercises allow mean that he's not been supporting the child's head. On his blog he actually refers to the child's head being like a nodding dog in a car.

He won't be persuaded that there is any risk in accelerating the child's development.
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replied February 2nd, 2010
I'd really appreciate a reply on this, as he's pressing ahead with his plan to have the child walk before 4 months. I have a 5-month-old who shows no sign of moving hilmself around. That's fine; my other two took their own sweet time and walked when they were good and ready to do so.

I'm disturbed that this guy is designing and creating his own appratus to accelerate the child's walking.

I really need an authoritative view on what he's doing.

Sorry for stamping my feet. Sad

It's just that I need forceful info on the topic.

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