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when my stomach is empty BP goes as high as 165/110!

I have hypertension for the last 23 years.It used to be under control by taking 50mg Metaprolol. Always 120/80 till recently.About 6 months back by blood pressure increase and the headache symptoms would start at 6 pm.It would not go down even with additional medication.I talked to the doctor.He introduced a water pill and Benazapril 20 mg.It did work for the first day but next day BP was up again in the evening.Finally I found out that whenever my stomach is empty BP goes as high as 165/110.To ascertain it one day I delayed my breakfast and lunch.BP did not go down even on medication but as soon as I took food BP got normal.I can't keep my stomach empty as BP increases which has resulted in my weight increase.
I talked to three doctors about it but they do not have any clue.Now I have to have frequent meals to keep my BP normal which I donot want to do.
Please advice
Thank you
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replied April 17th, 2013
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Hi kingji...I, too, have high blood pressure...Only I am able to control this...This happened when I convinced myself that I, alone, make it go up...This for me happens with stress or an improper diet...I watch my salt and food groups and got rid of the stress in my life...

I find that thinking positive makes me positive...If I worry that it will be up then I can make it rise...If I tell myself that there is nothing wrong with myself and that my fear is making it rise, it will stay lower...

I believe that the mind governs our body...This is with the proper diet and medication when needed...It sure does work for me and hopefully will help you...My best to you...

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replied May 28th, 2013
I seem to have the same problem. When i fast for a blood test or my stomach is empty my BP goes up. I take Diovan 80 mg.

Hope to find if there is actually a relationship between food intake and HPB, as im trying to lose weight.
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replied January 27th, 2014
I have the same issue and for me it is due to a stomach ulcer. I don't even feel any symptoms sometimes and it always freaks me out. I can't wait till the ulcer subsides. Its a crazy way to live.
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replied August 22nd, 2014
I went to urology clinic this am. My BP was 220/84. I had not eaten. I stopped on the way home and got a cup of coffee and a piece of pound cake. Came home and my pressure had dropped to 154/84. I believe that fasting does cause my BP to jump. I have a history of HBP. My mother (deceased) went to doctor one day and her pressure was 300/200. Guess I inherited my BP from her. She was truly an angel. Raised 11 kids - with an alcohol husband. She is with God now. She died at 92.
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