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When i get wet, there is blood?

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Everytime i masturbate and get soaking wet blood is always mixed in with it. I am very scared it has happened 2-3 times now.I usually use a hairbrush handel or the handel if a razor. Please any advice would be great...Thanks.
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replied July 24th, 2011
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Try your fingers. You might be scratching yourself with the brush handle or razor handle.

If you are close to your period (either before or after), an orgasm can cause some blood to flow early or late.

Make sure your toy is smooth with no sharp edges, splinters or cracks. Also make sure you are well lubricated at all time. It is easy to cause a micro tear in the vaginal wall if you are not careful.

Have you tried masturbating by just rubbing your clitoris without inserting something?
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