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when can u have sex without gettin pregnant?

I'm been wondering is it possible to get pregnant after you period end when can u have sex without gettin pregnant?????
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replied September 5th, 2011
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FIRST OFF: THERE ARE NO GUARANTEES, except by taking birth control, or using condoms. There are however times in your cycle where you are supposed to be infertile. However, if something goes wrong with your cycle (and it does happen a few times in your life), even those times can be unsafe. So IF YOU CAN ABSOLUTELY NOT AFFORD TO GET PREGNANT, DO NOT HAVE UNPROTECTED SEX.

Since you do not say how long your cycles are, I will describe it in terms of an average 28 day cycle:

Day 1 to 7 - safe
Day 7 to 9 - risky
Day 10 to 16 - unsafe
Day 16 - 18 - risky
Day 19 to 28 - safe

In a 31 day cycle:

Day 1 to 10 - safe
Day 10 to 12 - risky
Day 12 to 19 - unsafe
Day 19 - 21 - risky
Day 22 to 31 - safe

In a a 26 day cycle:

Day 1 to 5 - safe
Day 6 to 8 - risky
Day 9 to 14 - unsafe
Day 15 - 17 - risky
Day 18 to 26 - safe

Unfortunately, when you are the most horny, it is the most unsafe days. This is a mechanism that exist due to evolution and it makes you most horny when you ovulate. That way, there is the biggest chance for sex, pregnancy and a next generation of humans.

When you least feel like it (PMS and heavy flow), you are the least horny. Some women however do have an estrogen surge then and can be very horny.

The second thing you can do is to follow the two day rule. Feel your cervical mucus every day. After your period, the first time it is wet, it becomes risky. After ovulation, the first time it is dry 2 days in a row the safe time starts again.

Do NOT have sex without a condom unless you are SURE of your partner's sexual history and STD status.
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