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I have a feeling that something is wrong with my body. Im 18 and have been drinking heavily since i was 13.
I still drink sometimes but I try and stay away from booze. The day after I drink I wake up with this sick feeling in my body. Its a hangover times ten. I experience altered perceptions and hallucinations, (which ive studied thats not as uncommon as I thought.)
Ive seen and read stories about people who have liquefied their brains with alcohol. Ive read some posts from people who experience vomiting the morning after drinking, not before. My whole body is shaky and I vomit 2-3 times per hour, until i go to sleep. headache, throat-ache, my teeth feel loose, I hear noises and have slight hallucinations. (things change color, see different people then who they are, hear voices and noises) pretty much everything on my body hurts and I cant sleep it off. The inside of my head feels mushy and has a slight burning feeling on the top of my brain.
There are a lot of things my body goes through, but im not really sure what im trying to get out of this post. How can you immediately tell if somethings wrong? without going to a doctor, because they usually tell me different things. Or more specifically, how can you recognize somethings seriously wrong with your liver? I already know its from alcohol, so id just like to know what this could possibly mean for my body. And does anyone else experience this/
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